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Course Packages

Learn the complete skills of English: Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading. Each package is customized with your needs. Consult with us at +62 821 1000 9343.

Pertamax Class

Rp 350.000
8 session chating @ 1 hrs
4 session voice note @ 1 hrs
Total 12 session for one month
1 Teacher 1 Student

Premium Class

16 session chatting x 1 hours
4 session speaking x 30 minutes
Total 20 session for one month
1 Teacher 1 Student
Speaking by phone (WA/Provider)

Business Class

12 session chat x 1 hour
12 session speaking x 30 minutes
1 Teacher 1 Student
Total 24x Session for one month
Speaking by phone (WA/Provider)

Speaking Class

Rp50.000 for 30 minutes @ 30 minutes
Rp350.000 for 8 session @ 30 minutes
Rp500.000 for 12 session x 30 minutes
Speaking by phone (WhatsApp/Provider).


Rp120.000/ 1 session x 45 minutes
Rp600.000/ 8 session x 45 minutes
This class will boost your confidence in face to face communication.

Guru Bule

Rp125.000 @ 30 minutes
Learn English from the native speakers that competent and/or TESOL certified. Video call (Skype).

TOEFL / IELTS Preparation

Rp 1.200.000
5 x per week @90 minutes
Total 20 session for one month
1 Teacher 1 Student
Handbook: ETS The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test

Tour Guide Online

Rp 600.000 per week
Jalan-jalan ke Singapore, Australia, UK, USA sekaligus praktek bhs Inggris karena kamu akan di-guide secara online oleh Teacher yg pernah tinggal di negara tujuan wisata kamu. Jalan-jalan ke LN tanpa rasa takut lagi!
#Tersedia juga untuk Bahasa Jepang

Document Translation

Indonesia – English
English – Indonesia
<10 Pages (Rp45.000/page)
>10 pages (Rp35.000/page)
Doc Space: 1.5.
FREE 1 x Revision.
Thesis, Documents, Books, Articles, etc.

Japanese Class

Rp 300.000
8 x session chatting @ 6o minutes. Total 8 session for one month. Konichiwa!! Mulai sekarang anda bisa belajar Bahasa Jepang (Nihon Go) langsung dengan mahasiswa Indonesia disana! Click icon merah diatas untuk masuk ke Japan class.

Mandarin Class

3 x per week @ 60 minutes
Total 12 session for one month
Nihao! Ayo belajar percakapan Mandarin di chinese.britishenglishclass.



Language is not a theory! It is something you must get used to. Let's practice with BEC's teachers because we are here to help you.
Choose your Learning Partner, and improve your English now!

1. Izza

International Program Graduate from Nagoya University, Japan. IELTS 7.5 , JLPT N2

2. Inab


3. Sastra

Graduated From English Language and Literature Major of Ganesha University of Education

4. Saima

Native Teacher From UK. TESOL certificates

5. Dadang

Working in Glasgow-Scotland, UK Since 2014 as Engineer

6. Kei

IELTS 8.0 Associate Degree in Design, Sydney AU

7. Fizha

Graduated From English Language and Literature Major of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, TOEFL 583

8. Ajeng

Graduated from English Studies, Universitas Indonesia

9. Vania

TOEFL 597 English Literature Graduate from Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta

10. Asti

English Literature Graduate From Sanata Dharma University

11. Jhon

Native Teacher From UK. TESOL certificates and teaching experience in the UK, Europe and Indonesia

12. Ria Rizki


13. Inay

Advance Diploma in TESOL

14. Andy


15. Elin

Graduated from English Department in Widyatama University Bandung TOEFL 564

16. Renny

6 Years Experience of Teaching English English Literature Graduate From Atmajaya Catholic University

17. Intan

B1 for DELF and 567 for TOEFL

18. Paramita

12 Years Experience of Teaching English TOEFL 650

19. Erik

Graduate of Curtin University of Technology Malaysia

20. Laila

Master of Art in English Language Teaching, The University of Warwick, UK IELTS 7.0
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