Dini Indraswari

Graduated from ITB with a degree in Architecture

Hello there! My name is Dini. English has always been my favorite subject since schooldays. I took English courses and tests, voluntarily taught English and translated English documents and articles. I always enjoy learning and speaking English, and I keep learning it to date.

After I graduated from ITB with a degree in Architecture, I worked for a multi-national company in Singapore for 6 years, during which I met and worked with people from various countries around the world. I also love traveling and learning other people’s culture. I had opportunities to travel to different countries and live in the UK for almost 2 years. Those years living, working and traveling abroad helped me to improve my English skill and gain confidence in speaking it.

I believe speaking good English is a result of continuous learning and practicing, as well as being confident in speaking it. It will not be mastered in just a short time, but with a lot of practice and lots more of confidence, anyone can improve their English.

So let’s learn English together. I look forward to meet you in class. Not only learning English, we may as well have fun sharing life and work experiences. See you!


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