Graduate From London School of Public Relation

For some people, learning second language especially English is quite hard and boring. And I notice our generation trouble is that sometimes we understand what the other was saying but unable to reply back because our lack understanding of vocabulary.. and grammar. But don’t you worry, I am here to help!

Hello! I am Valeriana, a cum laude communication bachelor with 3.6 GPA Score from London School of Public Relation. I have a valid IELTS proficiency test certificate with overall band score 7.5 and CEFR C1 Advanced Level from the British Council English Test and a level 2 certificate in English for Business Communications from City and Guilds. Once, I was a volunteer as venue assistant for the 18th Jakarta-Palembang ASIAN Games at 2018. One of my responsibilities was include being interpreter for my manager and the locals to communicate since my manager is a British. If you’re here to improve your English in casual settings I am here for you! we will fail and learn from it together, I assure you it would be fun! you will learn a bunch of theories but it will be fun!

Even so, they still gave me a good grasp on things that must be avoided while learning English, such that I managed to come up with my own learning method and proceeded to become quite proficient in English. The results of the various English tests that I’ve taken throughout the years have also made me decently confident in my technical skill when it comes to grammar, though my vocabulary is the thing I’m most proud of.

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