8 years experience

I’m Mrs. Maria. I have been teaching English for almost 8 years. In 2011-2013, I worked at English course and taught for primary level. For the next years, I taught at TOEFL course for primary and secondary level. I’m ready to help you in grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. So far, my students have always been fun and enjoyable when learning English with me.

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8 years experience

  • One day I felt that my english is not good. I decided to join the conversation class and that was first course in my life. Miss Maria, as a tutor, was a very understand about my weaknesses and knew what should she did to overcome my weaknesses. She made me more active & confident. I really enjoyed her class and never felt nervous since she brought the class very well. Now my english speaking ability improves significantly, and I feel so confident using english as daily conversation. Thank you so much Miss Maria.

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  • Anak sy umur 6th dan pertama kali ikut kursus B Inggris. Awalnya sy takut anak sy akan sangat kesusahan dan kapok ikut kursus B Inggris. Ternyata ketakutan sy sama sekali tdk terjadi, anak sy senang dibimbing Miss Maria, krn beliau sabar, telaten, dan ngajarnya juga Fun. Tiap sesi selalu ada belajar yang baru, diselingi video dan lagu yg membuat anak sy mudah mengerti vocab2 baru. Sekarang anak sy sudah mulai speak in english sedikit2 sebuah perkembangan yg buat sy so amazing utk anak yg sama sekali tdk pernah belajar B Inggris.
    Tidak menyesal pilih guru miss Maria. Good Job miss Ben selalu antusias utk ikut sesi nya miss Maria.
    Thank you Miss Maria GBU

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