English Literature Bachelor Graduate from Diponegoro University.

Hi! My name is Aida. I am an English Literature Bachelor Graduate from Diponegoro University.  I graduated with cum laude title and have a CEFR C1 Advanced Level from the British Council English Test with 7.5 IELTS.

I assume you want to learn English as you are here, yes? Well, worry not. I can help you with that.

I used to teach my students from the scratch. They started from spelling, basic grammar, and so on, depending on their needs. That is why before the program begins, I will ask you your specific goal(s) so that I can help you to achieve it by the end of the program.

My students usually feel more comfortable and motivated using their hobbies as their learning topics, so you can tell me what you like and I will use it as our learning tools.

The process will not be easy, but it will be fun and worth it!

If learning English in a fun way is what you are looking for, I am more than ready to help! See you!

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