Hello everyone! My name is Radian Tisnapurana and people usually call me Brad (you are free to call me that). Some facts about me: I graduated from Maranatha Christian University and took English Literature as my major, I graduated from an International (now Independent) school called Temasek, so you can say that English has been my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have been teaching IELTS since 2 years ago and I have learned a lot. IELTS test has been an important key for those who want to go abroad, whether it is for further study or for work. Many of my students aspired to reach a new horizon and to get a taste of a new culture in order to gain new experience. The good news is, they have already reached it and they are in various countries as we speak, such as Australia, England, Singapore and others.

I actually enjoy teaching IELTS. Why? Because it has always been my happiness to see my students being able to get a step closer to their dream. It is a huge honor for me to be able to guide people to reach their own dream. Not to mention that teaching IELTS has given me many new things to learn.

So, are you going to be the next one who will reach that new horizon? If so, then let’s study!

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