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I am Tifany, your language teacher. I am a passionate CELTA-certified teacher with 3 years of teaching experience not only in Indonesia but also in other countries such as Thailand and Australia. I also had a chance to actually teach American students, starting from 2015. My students came from different backgrounds, ages, and level of proficiency, allowing me to become a flexible teacher who understands my students’ needs and makes them my priority.

I remember how overwhelming learning a language can be – because I learned 4 other languages myself, but the feeling when you finally can understand a concept of language (grammar, for example) and use it correctly surely does pay all the effort off. With my own experience as a language learner and years of international teaching training, I am able to put together the best teaching and learning method I can offer to my students. I learned that the best way to learn a language is to keep practicing and make as many mistakes as you will, then learn from all those mistakes. It is a journey. And I am here to be there for you through the journey and help you learn from those mistakes and not to make the same mistakes twice.


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