Ms. Tania’s Note About BritishEnglishClass is one of the effective and flexible way to learn english wherever and whenever you want to.

I am so grateful that i can be an online English teacher in 😀. I can share my knowledge to people all over Indonesia.
Since it is very affordable and flexible, joining is very beneficial for both of the students and teachers.

Teaching English privately is more challenging because we have to know further what exactly the students needs. For the first meeting I will always encourage my students to dig deeper to find the real purpose why they are learning English.

Most students will say like, “I want to be better at English”. However, that is a vague goal. We need to set a more specific goal if we want to succeed in learning English. For example, “I want to learn English to improve my speaking skill so that I can perform better at my job, and i can express my ideas and my co-worker can understand me better”

By having a specific goal for themselves, it will be a great motivation for them to keep on learning and never give up to overcome obstacles.

Another thing that i always emphasize on my students is that it is completely okay to make mistakes. Because as you can see, a lot of people are afraid to speak English just because they avoid making mistakes. Mistakes is just a symbol that shows a courage within us to try something new. So, there’s nothing wrong about about it. It’s a part of the learning process.

Students will be very lucky to join in, because not only it’s flexible, but they will also be guided to get closer to their personal goal.
Thank you.


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