Ms. Ria’s Note About BritishEnglishClass

Have you ever wanted to join an English course but you think it is way too impossible because you are working? If you are a student who needs an English course, a businessman, a professional worker, a mom with two children, a dad who works days and nights, or whoever you are, let me introduce you to

Imagine having an English course is as easy as onlone shopping! is a perfect platform where you can study English online in a single tap. Using your gadget and internet network, this online class will let you learn by having a chat conversation, voice note, voice call, and video call.

Well. I am Ria. I am here as an English partner whom you can talk with; anything about English. I have been teaching abroad in Taiwan, and now it’s time for me to accompany you to learn English in a really amazed way! Let’s have a private chat, talking about anything that you like and I will guide you to use English properly for general conversation. Do you need more than that? Tell me. I will listen to your English problem so it can be more enjoyable for you to reach your goal in mastering the language.

Ms. Ria, TOEFL 600 

In the other words, I will not only TEACH you but also BEFRIEND with you to learn, build, master, and keep your confidence in learning English.
Be ready!

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