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Hello, there. My name is Ria Rizki. I am a fresh graduate of English Literature major who previously had an internship abroad as an English teacher in Zhonghe Elementary School, Keelung City, Taiwan. In 2017, I was chosen as an awardee of fully-funded Global Talent program held by Kemenpora and AIESEC Indonesia. I have a TOEFL ITP score of 600 and this made me a speaker of national English TEFLIN workshop back then. No, no. I am not that serious, though. I love playing mobile games as it is trending now, watching movies and tv series, listening to pop and indie music as well. Yup, we can learn English from them. This will be a fun learning!

Ms. Ria’s Note About BritishEnglishClass

Have you ever wanted to join an English course but you think it is way too impossible because you are working? If you are a student who needs an English course, a businessman, a professional worker, a mom with two children, a dad who works days and nights, or whoever you are, let me introduce you to BritishEnglishClass.com.

Imagine having an English course is as easy as onlone shopping! BritishEnglishClass.com is a perfect platform where you can study English online in a single tap. Using your gadget and internet network, this online class will let you learn by having a chat conversation, voice note, voice call, and video call.

Well. I am Ria. I am here as an English partner whom you can talk with; anything about English. I have been teaching abroad in Taiwan, and now it’s time for me to accompany you to learn English in a really amazed way! Let’s have a private chat, talking about anything that you like and I will guide you to use English properly for general conversation. Do you need more than that? Tell me. I will listen to your English problem so it can be more enjoyable for you to reach your goal in mastering the language.
In the other words, I will not only TEACH you but also BEFRIEND with you to learn, build, master, and keep your confidence in learning English.
Be ready!

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20 thoughts on “Ria Rizki

  • Thank you miss Ria, very enjoy the trial class, hope you will be my teacher when I take the class.

    • WhatsApp Number: 085945540561
  • baru coba trial class untuk toefl. cara menerangkannya jelas. ramah sekali.
    terima kasih mba ria.

    • WhatsApp Number: 0818220552
  • She is a good partner in providing material and explanations that are very useful. And without us realizing that there has been little progress from before and following this class.Thank You Ria..

    • WhatsApp Number: 081310070168
  • Hi thank you so much for trial class,I’m enjoyed to start learn english with her.
    I think she will be a great friend to learn english and she very nice and calm.

    • WhatsApp Number: 081310070168
  • I am very grateful for this class. my English skills are always motivated to practice every day. She is very wise to understand my time and has a lot of topics. She also challenged me to study every day. Alhamdulillah …

    • WhatsApp Number: 081519394400
  • Enjoying every session with her
    She’s very cheerful, we talked a lot, she’s very nice, and calm
    She has a lot of topics, and helped me improving my english
    Thank you mba Ria!

    • WhatsApp Number: +6281261403330

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