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Hello, my name is Asti. I live in Yogyakarta and I graduated from Sanata Dharma University. I took master program in English Education. I love speaking English and I’m very interested in meeting new people. My hobbies are watching movies, listening to the music, writing stories, and chatting in English. I have been teaching English since 2007 and I am able to teach English to young learners, teenagers, and adults.

Topic: My Physical Appearance



Do you love watching movies? What kind of movies do you like to watch?
Who is your favorite actor or actress?



Do you know Chris Evans? Yes, Captain America! Can you tell me what does he look like?
He has short straight brown hair.

He has a pointed nose.
He has big blue eyes.
He has an oval face.

Rule : S+ has/have + noun

Kita bisa menggunakan Subject yang diikuti has atau have lalu diikuti oleh kata benda. Subject yang menggunakan has adalah he, she, it. Subject yang menggunakan have adalah they, we, I, you.

He is handsome
He is tall
He is young
He is well-built

Rule: S + to be (is, am, are) + adjective

Kita bisa menggunakan Subject yang diikuti to be dan kata sifat untuk menjelaskan ciri-ciri fisik seseorang. Subject yang menggunakan is adalah he, she, it. Subject yang menggunakan am adalah I. Subject yang menggunakan are adalah they, we, you.


Hair = short, long, shoulder-length, bald, straight, wavy, curly
Eyes = small, big, slanted, round
Nose = flat, pointed, prominent, big, small
Face = oval, square, round, thin
Body = fat, thin, plump, slim
Height = tall, short, medium-height
Age = young, old

Now, tell me about your father. What does he look like?
What about you? What do you look like?

Let’s talk about your dream boy/girl. What does he or she look like?

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