Mr. Angga’s Note About BritishEnglishClass

BEC has made a breakthrough in the way of teaching and learning English. Optimising the use of gadgets in this modern era nowadays, BEC wants to show the world of English teaching and learning that smartphones or tabs people use daily could really comes in handy. Those gadgets with its sophisticated features and apps inside are really powerfull tools or aids in English teaching and learning process. While the conventional way of teaching and learning limit people on time and space → as people have to travel to school, spend more time and add up more expanses ofcourse. BEC provides real comfort in teaching and learning process. TLP can be conducted anytime and anywhere as it utilises portables → gadgets that people bring with most of the time they live their daily life.

I’m Angga. I’ve been joining BEC as a teacher since 2016. It’s always be much fun to teach here. So far, I think that a good relationship between teacher and student matters most in the success of TLP. With the use of gadgets, getting along well between teacher and student can be easier to do because this kind of method automatically emerges a more relaxed or informal ambiance in teaching and learning. Even for the shy people, they will find it easier to communicate via online media. First time I get a new student, I always ask him or her to make a short introduction. And always 5 points to tell: name, age, address, job, and hobby. With only those 5 points, we can talk much on it. It can stimulate follow up questions. For instance, when one says ” I live in Malang”. Then I will go deeper to know more about his or her hometown or address by asking ” mm, Can you tell me what Malang is famous for ? Any well-known tourism attraction ? Etc..

The advantage of this kind of chit-chat is that the students will have known some new vocabs since the very beginning they join the class. I’m a strong believer that to be able to communicate fluently using a certain language, one of the two most important elements is ” great vocabulary mastery “. Having lots of vocabs [without neglecting basic grammar] and lots of practice will lead you to a success in learning English.

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