Ms. Amadea’s Note About BritishEnglishClass

BEC is one of the creative breakthroughs in this millenial era that is surrounded by technologies and internet. The program and the teaching system that BEC offers is very suitable for both of the teacher and the students these days. In my opinion, this is such a great solution for those who want to learn, but busy. Other thing I like from BEC is that the staff is also very friendly, and communicative.

I have been teaching in BEC since 2017 and I enjoy teaching in BEC and being part of them as well. It’s really suitable for me (especially for those who are a bit busy but still want to teach a bit to keep their skills and knowledge on) because I can set the schedule with my students in a flexible way and vice versa. Besides, I am also really grateful because by joining BEC, it does not only enlarge my knowledge and strengthen my skills, but I can also have new network.

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