Graduated From Loma Linda University in California, USA

Hello! My name is Michelle. I graduated from Loma Linda University in California, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. I spent 5 years living at the United States and learned so much, especially English. I loved to travel when I was there and also loved to try varieties of foods from other countries. English was never my favorite subject when I was in Junior High. I thought it was difficult and impossible to learn. What changed all that? I become passionate about English. I changed my mindset and learned English with a joy in my heart. As long as you put your heart into it, you will see that English is not that hard. I find it fun and easy to learn. I want all of you to feel the same way. If you think that English is difficult, then you will not be able to learn it well. When you changed that mindset, you’ll be surprised on how easy English actually is. Take it from me who used to think English was hard. Learn English with me! Five years at the States had taught me the basic and advance level of English. My listening skill is outstanding and I speak fluent English. Not many people can learn grammar in an instant. Not even native speakers. It takes time to better your grammar and I’ve been there. I can help you through that process, only if you really want to learn and willing to do so.


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Coordinating conjunction

Coordinating conjunction berfungsi sebagai kata hubung dalam kalimat, seperti menghubungkan kata benda, kata keterangan, klausa, maupun frasa. Ada 7 jenis coordinating conjunctions, yaitu: and, or, nor, yet, for, so, dan but. Untuk mempermudah mengingat tujuh coordinating conjunctions ini, kita dapat menyingkatnya menjadi FANBOYS.


Coordinate Conjunction Contoh


She didn’t eat the strawberry, for she’s allergic.


My brother’s daughter is really cute and adorable.

(dipakai untuk kata negatif)

The dish was not delicious, nor was it edible.


I offered him my helped, but he refused politely.

(atau) – memberikan pilihan

Which one do you prefer eat dinner or watch movies?

(namun / akan tetapi)

He is sick, yet he refuses to take medicine.

(oleh karena itu)

My father likes to eat fish, so my mother cooks fish everyday.


Kapan kita membutuhkan tanda baca koma saat menggunakan coordinating conjunctions? Ketika kita menggabungkan dua independent clause dan biasanya diletakkan sebelum kata hubung itu.

Contoh: My brother and sister slept late last night, and they were both overslept this morning.

Kita tidak membutuhkan tanda baca bila menggabungkan dua verb.

Contoh: My red poodle is really tiny and cute.

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3 thoughts on “Michelle

  • semangat sekali waktu ikut kelas, semua yang dijelaskan ms michelle bisa saya mengerti dan selalu memberikan kesempatan untuk bertanya ,tentunya juga ms michelle dengan sabar menjelaskan pertanyaan pertanyaan yg saya ajukan apabila ada yg belum saya pahami, dalam waktu 1 jam rasanya cukup kurang dengan metode yg ms michelle ajarkan.terima kasih ms michelle

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  • Senang bisa pertama kali bisa langsung praktek ngomong bahasa inggris dengan Miss Michelle, lumayan santai dan sama-sama senang ngobrol sampai gak liat waktu, materi trial juga simple/basic banget cocok untuk pemula yang mau start belajar speaking.
    Btw all good lah kalau mau milih belajar bersama dengan miss Michelle gak ada salahnya untuk mencoba.

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