Master Degree at Northen University of Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur, International Foreigner Class.

English is my best friend. I have been fluent since I was at high school. I have ever won English debate contest in whole west java’s high school competition. Since then, I was being confident with my English and also became an assistant of English lecturer in my University for  3 years until I finished my bachelor degree. I continued my study to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Northen University of Malaysia to get Master degree. After I finished my master degree, I have worked in Kuala Lumpur for 5 years as an international consultant for handling clients /customers of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Malaysia and more. I used to communicate in English either in my office scope for business or in my daily environment. When I was in Kuala Lumpur, I have stayed with any different foreigners in the condominium. That’s what made me enjoy and comfortable speaking  English in my daily activities. Whoever you are outside there, I wish you can learn and improve your English skill and feel Enjoy speaking English with me. Come and join in my class! We are gonna be much fun in English!



Active and Passive voice

Dalam percakapan sehari-hari pasti kita sering menggunakan kalimat aktif (me-) dan pasif (di-) seperti contoh:

– Andi membawa roti ke sekolah  (aktif)—–> Subjek + kata kerja + Objek

– Roti dibawa Andi ke sekolah (pasif)———> Objek +kata kerja+Subjek

Adalah sesuatu hal yang mudah merubah kalimat aktif menjadi pasif dalam bahasa Indonesia. Namun bagaimana cara menggunakan kalimat aktif dan pasif dalam bahasa inggris? Berikut penjelasannya;

Sebelum memulai , kita harus mengetahui rumus nya terlebih dahulu.

Active voice :  S + V1 + O untuk merubah kalimat active menjadi passive maka:

Passive voice: O + to be + V3+ by + S ( to be mengikuti bentuk kalimat aktif nya).

 To be di Simple present                                                             


We               Are


I ——à am


To be di Past Tense


We               were


I ——à was


Sedangkan untuk Verb (kata kerja)  dalam bahasa inggris dapat dirubah dalam 3 jenis sesuai dengan tensis atau waktu kalimat;

Verb 1 (V1)                         Verb 2 (V2)                                         Verb 3 (V3)

Bring                                      Brought                                                Brought

Buy                                        Bought                                                 Bought

Eat                                          Ate                                                         Eaten


Nah, sekarang kita akan membuat kalimat aktif dan pasif seperti contoh diatas;

Untuk Simple Present Tense:



Active Voice                                                      Passive Voice

– Saya membawa roti ke sekolah  à   Roti dibawa oleh saya ke sekolah

 Andi brings the bread to school  à  The bread    is     brought  by  Andi

   S    +  V     + O                                   à     O       + To be   +    V3  + by + O


– Saya membeli permen di pasar   à Permen dibeli oleh saya ke pasar

I  buy candy in the market         à Candy is     bought  by me in the market

  S + V  + O                                           à   O + To be +    V3 + by + O


Untuk Simple Past Tense:

Active Voice                                                      Passive Voice

– Mira memakan mangga kemarin à Mangga dimakan oleh mira kemarin

Mira ate mango yesterday           à Mango was eaten by Mira yesterday

     S    + V  + O                                        à    O + To be +    V3 + by + O

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  • Classes with Mr Jack have been so worthwhile. He’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills.

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  • I highly recommend Mr. Jack as a teacher to improve your english skill, he has a fun way and unique strategy to teach.
    Thanks Mr. Jack

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  • Mr. Jack asiik
    Ngajarnya jelas
    Soal waktu fleksibel.
    Cocok utk ngajar pemula spt saya. Trimksh mr. Jack

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  • I recommend Mr. Jack to be your English teacher! He can make the lesson intense but in a fun way. The class is so interesting and helpful to gain your confidence to speak English. Thank you, Mr. Jack.

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  • Hello guys.
    I have learned with mr.jack for almost 3 months in business class. He never forgets to remind me about all tenses and also makes a secret note for me to remember the tenses quickly. It helps me when i want to write in english, like status or assignment which will be seen by many people. He also always pushes me to talk bravely and it works. He has have many topics that suit my interest, so the class won’t be boring. Time flies so fast when learning with him. Thank You Mr. Jack

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  • Learning English with Mr Jack is fun. He is a good motivator and helps build my confidence to speak english. He is also a grammar police so keep watching about your sentences.I am sure that you won’t run out of topics when you learn with him. Thank you, Mr Jack.

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