Hello future successful people!!! my name is Miriam, I finished my high school in Malaysia, and applied to a university in South Korea, which ables me to speak English confidently to people, I’m expert in public speaking, and also a fast learner. I gained 2 bands on IELTS within less than a month, whilst most people gain 0.5 within six months, and I will share my tips with my class.
I love to motivate people to learn, and that is why i also volunteer for a motivational camp that is based in Singapore. I’m a very lively person, and love to meet and talk to people. I always do my best to make learning interesting and fun, because I believe when we enjoy learning, we will be able to master the lessons.
I will cover all the parts in English to help you achieve the best that you can be, from speaking, reading, writing, to listening. I will also give you some tips on IELTS and how to study effectively for the exam. So keep your eyes on your goals and I believe you will achieve that soon!
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4 thoughts on “Miriam

  • Saya baru selesai mengambil kelas bisnis dan skypen bersama ms Miriam. Saya jadi lebih percaya diri untuk berbicara bahasa inggris dan siap untuk menghadapi interview dari luar negeri, terima kasih ms miriam, sukses selalu…

    • Saya baru saja selesai mengikuti kelas bisnis bersama Ms. Miriam, dan saya belajar banyak hal darinya. I am really glad that she has been my teacher for some months. She is a good teacher, patiently face my problem, encourage me to do the best not only try the best, and I will always remember that. Saya merasakan banyak perkembangan semenjak belajar darinya. Dia tahu banyak cara mengatasi masalah yang biasa dihadapi para IELTS test taker. Terimakasih kasih banyak Ms Miriam, sukses selalu !!

      • Setelah mengikuti kelas Ms.Miriam banyak hal baru yang saya pelajari. Banyak challangenya, bagi aku sebuah challange karena dia banyak mengasah kemampuanku berbahasa inggris lewat tugas dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang dia berikan. Ms. Miriam sangat baik dan materi yang diajarkan sangat bermanfaat. Gak nyesel kursus di BEC 🙂

        • Saya senang mengikuti kelas bisnis bersama ms Miriam. Materi yang diberikan sangat bermanfaat, terlebih tentang presentasi. Selama menjadi guru, tercatat dalam memori saya bahwa pribadi yang profesional, ramah dan on time. Terima kasih, semangat terus BEC !!! 🙂

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