Hello, my name is Erza, graduated as International Relations Bachelor from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Bandung with focus on cultural & public diplomacy. I have been in Germany (Yes, I can speak some advanced German too), Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for educational and competitive gaming purposes. English language has been almost a daily part of my life for years as it’s in fact the most demanding foreign language used all over the world. I believe that a good English is a kind of measurement of intelligence for non-native English speaker. My methods of teaching, which I have been using personally for ages, are easy to implement for almost everyone as it’s just to get used to new grammar & vocabularies over and over through what you are passionate about on a daily basis. Nowadays, we are mostly called as ‘Millenials’ who live & partake in internet technology which means for me to abuse it as much as I can to improve myself. If you are down to it, then let’s get firstly started with me now!

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