Hi, my name is Ridwan, currently I’m an MBA student of SBM ITB MBA Program located in Bandung. Previously I was working as an Performance analyst at Lazada Indonesia, which is an international e-commerce company, which is now owned by Alibaba. During my work there of course, with the international environment, everyone must be able to communicate in English, especially when doing presentation in front of the managers, which are mostly expatriates. I worked there for 1,5 year.

Up until today, I’ve managed to maintain my English level, as my hobbies as of today, requires me to understand a bit complicated English and language structures. My current hobbies are watching videos on youtube, regarding video games, technology, self development, fitness, and foreign languages. The last one I mentioned is actually my other hobby, which is learning foreign languages, which are German and France. Deeper comprehension in English structures and grammar is deemed crucial in order to support me in learning these languages as these two seem to portion a bit from English, as per se, have some shared root historically with English language. So instead of taking reference or baseline in Bahasa for learning these languages, I take the reference from English.

I also still use English in daily basis, as my class in MBA ITB is in international class, whose teacher eventhough are Indonesian, are required to speak English for the whole hours, so as the students. As I have previously experiences in workin in international company and my hobbies of which involving languages studies.

My method of learning English is actually pretty simple, encouragement, then fun learning. Encouragement means, I will encourage my student to speak up in English, both in written or verbal, using the daily activities or hobbies as the topic. Fun learning means, these topics I pick in learning English should be fun, for examples talking about movies, hobbies, current issues, or even daily fun activities. This may include reading song lyrics, and watching fun videos.

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