Hi, my name is Hayuningtyas, currently a university student from Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta. English has been my favourite subject ever since I entered primary school. Learning English is fun yet also challenging. I believe in order to get a grip of learning a foreign language, we should immerse ourselves within its culture first, means we can start learning a new language including English by listening, watching, and reading English stuff before learning its grammar. Learn English like a baby learn a new language! My first English teaching experience was when I joined an AIESEC project where I have to teach English to all students at Watmanaowan Primary School, Thailand. I also have joined couple of international events in my uni, and I also received a scholarship for one semester study at Western Sydney University, Australia.


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Present Continuous Tense

Biasa juga disebut dengan Present Progressive Tense adalah kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menyatakan aksi yang sedang berlangsung sekarang (present) dan sedang dilakukan atau dalam progress maupun pengerjaan (continuous). Contoh penggunaan kalimat Present Continuous Tense adalah sebagai berikut:

  • I am sorry, I can not go now because I am still washing the dishes.
  • Come join with us, we are having a celebrate now.

Selain digunakan untuk menyatakan aksi yang sedang berlangsung sekarang, Present Continuous Tense juga dapat menunjukkan suatu pekerjaan yang akan dilakukan dalam waktu dekat atau suatu rencana. Contoh:

  • In two days, I am going to Japan with my family.
  • Dilan 1990 the Movie is coming out tomorrow.
  Subject Is/Am/Are Verb-ing  
Affirmative I am Washing The dishes now
Negative She is not Washing The dishes now
Interrogative Is She Washing The dishes now?
Interrogative Negative Isn’t She Washing The dishes now?


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