I’m a muslim, Your friendly, non-toxic, non-terroristic nor judgmental muslim to be precise. I spent my entire life moving from one city to another, one island to another. I’ve lived in Indonesia’s 4 major continents, and that made me a pluralistic, go with the flow, easy-going type of person. So, what was that, easy going, a muslim and a pluralist, and yes, I am keen and willing to teach others about anything positive, and in this case, the English language.

I finished my bachelor’s degree, majoring in political science, from University of Brawijaya on 2017. I am active in external campus organization. I have a TOEFL score of 574, released by ETS. I learned the English language mostly from free media; the internet, games, music etc. I do not have a proper, institutional training, but I still manage to get myself ahead by learning alone. I spent most of my days in campus learning, and I manage to be stuck on a subject that has become (somehow) my specialty, that is designing. I am profound with photoshop, corel and after effects.

Let’s get to know each other deeper shall we? I love the pop culture, its movies, TV series, arts and of course, games. You name anything about the pop culture and I’d probably heard/play it. Breaking Bad? I’ve watched the whole series. Pulp Fiction? I’m also a big fan. Fallout, Skyrim, Bioshock, Persona series? Name any RPG game and I probably already played it! But, I also respect the classics, especially the literature, the locals (Pram, Tan, Dee) and the internationals (Ibnu Katsir, Stephen Hawking, George Orwell).

Okay now about my teaching methods. I will provide an effective yet fun way to learn English. I will use the internet and its wonders (and weirdness) to teach you! I’m sure you will found new interests in the world wide web (that will also helps you learn) by selecting me as a teacher. I am focused on helping you build your sense into English rather than piling you up with theories, concept and grammatical rules. But, I am also willing to give you a thorough explanation of theory, concept and grammatical rule if you want to. I will assure you that I will be a professional yet fun teacher that will help you learn English!

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Dalam bahasa Inggris, terdapat kata benda yang dapat dihitung/terhitung (countable) dan kata benda tak terhitung/terhingga (uncountable). Kata benda terhitung dapat berdiri secara sendiri maupun jamak, contohnya, book(s), wallet(s),kilometer(s),lamp(s) dan seterusnya. Sementara kata benda tak terhingga tidak berdiri sendiri maupun jamak, contohnya, happiness, beauty, music, sugar dan seterusnya.

Untuk memahami the countable dan uncountable, dapat dimulai dengan mengklasifikasikan apakah noun (kata benda) yang digunakan adalah abstrak atau konkrit. Kebanyakan uncountable nouns bersifat abstrak, seperti sadness, love, hatred dan kebanyakan countable nouns bersifat konkrit, laptop(s), shoe(s), shirt(s), namun, JANGAN selalu berpegang pada prinsip ini, dikarenakan tetap ada uncountable yang konkrit (sand, sugar) dan tetap ada countable yang abstrak (idea(s), situation(s)).

Terdapat kata-kata yang sesuai yang dapat bersanding dengan salah satu kata benda, terhitung atau tak terhitung, yang dapat membantu untuk membangun pemahaman dalam konsep countable dan uncountable nouns. Berikut penjelasannya:

Kata-kata yang dapat bersanding Kata benda terhitung Kata Benda Tak Terhitung
Singular Plural Singular
The The car The cars The sand
a/an A car
Some Some car Some cars Some sand
No No car No cars No sand
This/that This car This sand
These/those These cars
Possessives Our car Our cars Our sand
Numbers One car Three cars
A lot of A lot of cars A lot of sand
Many/few Many cars
Much/little Much sand
All All the car All (the) cars All (the) sand
Each/every Every car



Sumber: John Eastwood, Oxford Guide to English Grammar, Oxford University Press 1994

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  • Hii mas reza. Maaf baru sempat isi review.
    Terima kasih kelas trial nya. Mas reza bs paham apa yg dibutuhkan. Menjelaskan dgn sabar. Good teacher mas reza

    • Bagi yang super sibuk, hanya ada waktu sedikit untuk les kak reza bisa menjadi solusinya, punya waktu yg cukup flexible,, sabar dalam mengajari juga, serta supel cocok di jadikan guru sekaligus teman yang baik. Terima kasih kak reza

      • I had kind of difficult time for learning english by my own way. It took every bit of focus, confident and courage I could raise. So lucrative, I think I can correct my suck grammer with Reza. And definitely, will improve my english with him. Reza will hear you, and Be ur good friend. So, terimakasih Reza buat waktunya, pelajarannya dan motivasinya. You are a good teacher.

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