“I’ve always been an avid fan of knowledge, hence making me fond of sharing my own knowledge to other people. I really think online learning is a very effective way in getting knowledge. As a student, You can say anything you want to the teacher/tutor, in a casual way. It’s going to help students with shy nature, because they don’t have to face the teacher directly. And learning online doesn’t feel like studying, so it’s just a really fun way of getting knowledge” -Cara-

Hello, where do we start? Oh well. I usually go by Cara. I’m a student, an overachiever, and bearing in mind the fact that i’m teaching at makes me a teacher too.

Sharing my knowledge is and has always been a salient aspect of my life. I love helping others, i love the feeling i get when i know that I’ve done something that others would regard and find handy.

Shall we talk a little about my background and education? Some of you might find this interesting; my father is a British citizen. Thus why I’m a student of BPP University London, studying accounting and finance. I also have some experience on teaching in real life, for a notable learning course in Indonesia. I only worked part time though, i was in senior year of high school.

Let me tell you a fun fact; I didn’t grow up speaking english. Not thoroughly. I was raised in Indonesia, surrounded by people communicating in bahasa all the time, thereby not giving me any proper chances in developing my English skills. It was demanding, when i moved out and started seeing more of the world, and how the English language could be the bridge of all the diversities. I have a huge interest in cultures and languages, seeing that i came from a multicultural family. I always try to be open-minded, i love meeting new people from all over the world and see what they can offer to me.

So i put my heart and soul in it, and eventually, i conquered all the barriers that used to prevent me from advancing my English skills. When you realise that you are capable of doing it, you will find the so-called complicated English very simple. I know that some people find the matter not as simple as it was for me, hence why I’m here, being a part of reliable BEC team, to help you fall in love with the language, to overcome all the obstacles that used to distress me too. Learning online was mostly my method, so i can definitely guarantee that you’ll find BEC as a major help in developing your english. It’s fun, no pressure, nothing to be stressed about!

You might wonder; how can this girl help me improving my english? Easy, all you have to do is to tell me things you find rather difficult. You decide. I’m not an overbearing person, but I’ll make sure that i do my best and you could gain some comprehension, and you’re able to practice it on your daily life. Whether it’s grammar, meaning of phrases, overall understanding, or even speaking skill, nothing to fret about. You can ask whatever you want, discuss it with me, as long as it’s fruitful, beneficial for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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