“I have spent my life talking English endlessly, and I totally can guarantee you that talking does help improve your English” -Canly-

Hello everyone, my name is Canly and I am probably your next English teacher. I study pharmacy in Sanatha Dharma University, so you bet, I know a lot of drugs. All for the good of people.

Besides pharmacy, I have been exposed myself to English as well. I have always loved English. I think using English is really cool. It somehow makes me smarter, or at least feel smarter (at some points). It has always been fun and stuff learning English. I used to play games that ought me to hone my English skill no matter what, and thanks to that, I think I am quite good with it. That was the reason I decided to share my love for English to those people that have the same interest as well, that is to be better in English, in So, join me in my class, let’s broaden our knowledge together and keep the love for English strong!

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