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Online learning has been continually progressing in recent years. The introduction of smartphone, the ease of access to it, and the constant development of the internet and many softwares have put many conventional, physical, activities at risk of losing its relevance, albeit slowly at first. People access internet constantly nowadays and they can access information with ease, be it about cats, memes, or even English. Many have no luxuries of spare-times despite all that, and 9-5-millennial suffer most dearly. Some of them even realized that they had been lacking a crucial skill, English, after getting themselves into the workforce. The provides a solution for these people. An online learning platform with a real teacher and real-time interactions without having to sit down in a class.

My name is Niko, one of the BEC English teachers. I have been actively teaching online at the BEC for a year. For almost 20 years of learning English for fun, I never thought that I would be teaching English, not to mention online. My experience in the language is more of practical, but I have also learnt how important language structures can be; especially in my years in undergraduate. That is how I would like for my students to realize; when they have the needs, what comes next would be commitment.

I usually start off with “breaking the ice” phase where we chit-chat casually without paying any regards to each others’ English, this is also an excellent time to test out their English without letting them know they are being tested. I would ask them many personal (non-sensitive) questions and try to build a theme and materials based on them. The second phase would be a cycle between “hard materials”, and “fun activities”; during which students would learn new vocabularies through stories or games. “English to start off your day” is the term I use to encourage my students to practice; from writing a diary to writing down a draft for presentation. I usually point out that “Mistakes are your friends. Love them, and learn from them” to every students. “Practice makes perfect”, a powerful quote to follow despite being constantly taken for granted.

Mr. Niko

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