Hello, everyone, you can call me Niko for short. I consider myself to have high degree of curiosity, and good at many arts, though I am exceptionally well at languages. Some friends told me that I have a cool vibe when socializing, and tend to responding only when I feel I need to, but when I feel motivated I would be pretty much energetic. I am a good listener; I would spend the whole hour just to listen to stories. Details are what make the world; sometime I get frustrated when producing low-quality works by my standard, and believe me it is above average.

I majored International Relations in Universitas Brawijaya, in Malang. Battling hard stuff literatures, mostly in English, has been a habit since then. I have tried teaching English in the local orphanage around my home; additionally I have also been filling in in an English session of any organization. I have minimum international experience; Singapore is the only foreign land I ever visited, though I am visiting there regularly.

Learning language is best done through real-time activities, so I decided to play online games and watch movies as complementary English learning process and I am confident to say that my English has improved well because of them. With the current curriculum coupled with my method, I am keen to implement my method to everyone.
Expect some less stressful session during a class with me, as I will conduct the class with games and sharing sessions (read: grammars, vocabs, and stuff). I hope to see you soon!

Mr. Niko’s Note About BritishEnglishClass

Online learning has been continually progressing in recent years. The introduction of smartphone, the ease of access to it, and the constant development of the internet and many softwares have put many conventional, physical, activities at risk of losing its relevance, albeit slowly at first. People access internet constantly nowadays and they can access information with ease, be it about cats, memes, or even English. Many have no luxuries of sparetimes despite all that, and 9-5-milenials suffer most dearly. Some of them even realized that they had been lacking a crucial skill, English, after getting themselves into the workforce. The provides a solution for these people. An online learning platform with a real teacher and real-time interactions without having to sit down in a class.

My name is Niko, one of the BEC English teachers. I have been actively teaching online at the BEC for a year. For almost 20 years of learning English for fun, I never thought that I would be teaching English, not to mention online. My experience in the language is more of practical, but I have also learnt how important language structures can be; especially in my years in undergraduate. That is how I would like for my students to realize; when they have the needs, what comes next would be commitment. I usually start off with “breaking the ice” phase where we chit-chat casually without paying any regards to each others’ English, this is also an excelent time to test out their English without letting them know they are being tested. I would ask them many personal (non-sensitive) questions and try to build a theme and materials based on them. The second phase would be a cycle between “hard materials”, and “fun activities”; during which students would learn new vocabularies through stories or games. “English to start off your day” is the term I use to encourage my students to practice; from writing a diary to writing down a draft for presentation. I usually point out that “Mistakes are your friends. Love them, and learn from them” to every students. “Practice makes perfect”, a powerful quote to follow despite being constantly taken for granted.

Future Tenses Example

Describing the future: Ada beberapa cara penggunaan future tenses untuk mendeskripsikan prediksi tentang fenomena yang akan dating ataupun menyampaikan rencana.

Yang perlu diperhatikan adalah penggunaan dan penempatan deskripsi waktu/tempat. Tenses yang paling sering dipakai dalam future tenses adalah : “will”; “will be + Verb ing”; “is/are + Verb ing”; “is/are + to”.

Penggunaan future tenses yang tepat akan memberikan implikasi yang sangat berarti kepada lawan bicara yang ingin mengetahui rencana anda untuk masa depan, pembuatan memo, dan planning/scheduling.

 Dalam membuat Prediksi: “Joko will be at work tomorrow”;
o Question form: “Will Joko be at work tomorrow?”

 Dalam membuat Rencana: “Joko is meeting someone at the work place”; o Question form: “Is Joko meeting someone at the work place?”

 Penyampaian niat: “Joko is going to spend his vacation in the building”; o Question form: “Is Joko going to spend his vacation in the building?”

 Scheduling: “The client meets Joko at 3 pm”;
o Question form: “Does the client meet Joko at 3 pm?”

 Prediksi langsung terkait keadaan sekarang: “it’s going to snow”;
o Question form: “Is it going to snow?”

 Mengekspresikan kerelaan: “I’ll treat Joko a breakfast at work”;
o Question form: “Will I treat Joko a breakfast at work?”

 Sesuatu yang akan terjadi dan bakal terjadi secara terus menerus: “I will be stalking Joko’s profile this time tomorrow”;
o Question form: “Will I be stalking Joko’s profile this time tomorrow?”

 Rutinitas yang akan terjadi: “I’ll be working with Joko at work tomorrow”; dan
o Question form: “Will I be working with Joko at work tomorrow?”

 Menyampaikan kewajiban: “Please read carefully, you are to work with Joko at work tomorrow.”
o Question form: “Are you to work with Joko at work tomorrow?”


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20 thoughts on “Niko

  • I think is sadly moment but, i’m very happy at the other side. Why? because today is the last session i’m spend with Niko as my English tutors. I was joined with his class about (maybe) 1 month ago, i feeling is to fast. He have a good personallity, to much patiently, and good speekers. I’m very enjoyed about his class. As you know, this is my first experience to join an English classroom, i have problem (to much) about my English as a basic and others. But Nik, very helpfully guy. With him i’m enjoyed the class, without afraid about “What you talks?” just to be active person. Finally i get what i want, Yes! i get to improving my confidance to talking, of course give me an additional motivated for learn more.

    Thank you Niko, also britishenglishclass. Hopefully we can meet again on the future. Having nice time to all of you.

    • WhatsApp Number: 082283133846
  • Totally Big “YES” for him. Maybe it first time for me, to trying and giving more attention for learning about conversation. I’m sorry because i’m not more confidance, but from your suggestion, i think i can do little more start from now. Overall thank you, you have good attitude, very polite, and HIGHLY patient. For all your sugestion and recomendation, i will try that. Thank you.

    • WhatsApp Number: 082283133846
  • Thank you Mr Niko for being my teacher. He is very polite, very patient, really a good listener for me. I learned many idioms from him

    • WhatsApp Number: 081284685055
  • Hi I just hv trial class with Niko and it was fun. He gave me some tips and recommendation. I think I’m gonna continue to learn english with him.

    • WhatsApp Number: 082110619516
  • Thank you mr. Niko for teaching me. From zero to intermediate. It’s very meaningful for me. You are one of the best tutors out there. You have always been punctual and the way you teach has always been easy to understand. During our time, I realized that when we learnt about anything, we can’t grasp it instantly. There is process and mistakes, and those require time. I’ve learned with mr. Niko for 3 classes.. 1 speaking class and 2 classes in business package. And I never felt so bored with the class. He always gave one topic to discuss as exercise to practice speaking in English. I enjoyed it. If anyone who reads this review and in need of private tutor in British English Course, mr. Niko is one that I recommend to improve your english.
    Anyway, thanks alot mr. Niko!

    • WhatsApp Number: 087818256999
  • Mr. Niko is a good teacher. He gave me much recommendation within the course which gave me idea how I can promote my English conversation skill. He is good at english conversation with great accent, feels like talking to native. Recommended teacher to work with. Thanks a lot Mr. Niko.

    • WhatsApp Number: 082370706869
  • Thank you Mr. Niko for your class. I have got lot of advise and recommendation book to learn my english more from him. polite and nice person. best teacher.

    • WhatsApp Number: 08163672416
  • Thank you niko sudah mengajar saya di kelas trial. Niko orangnya baik dan ramah juga memberikan banyak tips sehingga kita memiliki banyak opsi untuk mengupgrade skill kita

    • WhatsApp Number: 081281208923

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