“online tutoring is a new game for teachers nowadays and in the modern era, it’s supposed to be common and not odd. It is because the telecommuting could be the best choice for workers avoiding the traffic jam that could cost your lifetime. My opinion myself, it could be an effective platform to learn since we won’t waste time commuting through the traffic yet, it really needs commitment from both parties” -Qori-

Qori has been teaching English for around 5 years starting from her second year of college. She graduated from State University of Jakarta taking English Literature and was a member of English Department Debater. She is in love with teaching and speaking English ever since. She has experienced with standardized English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL IBT and PET Cambridge for schools seeing from the projects she handled.

She also has been freelancing to teach adult classes or university students concerning English for Specific Purposes. She is also good at tutoring for English club like debate proven from the achivements made from the students she trained.

She has the motto that says “keep working. If it is good, keep working and if it is bad, just keep working”. This always makes her believe that there will always ways for people to accomplish something and overcome problems.

Have a wonderful time with her and always eager to learn! Lotta love!


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