English Native Speaker from Malaysia

“I experienced many great moments while teaching. These were days when I ended so happy and enthusiastic that I knew I had selected the right profession. On the other hand, I had days where I definitely questioned teaching as a career. These were days where the students seemed uninterested, too talkative, or even worse a blow up occurred and nothing got accomplished. Thankfully the average combined with the positive days outshine my negative days.I taught them how to rise the confidence in themselves especially speaking to people in foreign language. My hope is that the student involved was at least partially changed for the better from the experience as I was. And I encourage them to tell how importance English is with fun and enjoyable method (my own method rather 😁😁).” -Joo-

My name is Jooly, usually called by the name Joo, Jooly is my clan that signifies me as a descendant of the original Malay tribe. The meaning of my own name is selfless mercy.

I was born on Dec 2nd, 1995 in Bintulu, Sarawak, East Malaysia. I am the only child of my parents. My father is a musician. He loves to arrange music and composes a song and my mother is a perfect housewife to us. We are a very modest family.

I graduated from high school in my hometown that Malaysia International Islamic High School. At that time I am committed to continue my studies to a higher level. Right now I am sitting in one of the universities, namely the Politeknik Negeri Bandung. My course is Financial and Banking Services. There are various reasons why I took this course, among which the interest in the world of painting and obsessed with the various issues that graduating from this course will work in the bank can make a lot of money. I have aspirations to continue my studies abroad with a major in the Master of Communication and Services.

I have a talkative nature and compassionate. I am very fond of each person. People said I never get angry, but I just always try to restrain anger and envy. I am very angry with someone if I get hurt over and over again without any error so great. I have lived in maintaining the principle of friendship “Love is that condition in the which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” I take hold of my life motto is “Every successful person must have a failure. Do not be afraid to fail Because failure is a part of success. “

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