An Engineering Physics bachelor’s degree holder from Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Hi, I am Melvin, an Engineering Physics bachelor’s degree holder from Institut Teknologi Bandung.
Currently, I am working at one of the biggest technology company in Indonesia, which requires me to
use English as my day to day language. I have a vision to become Product Manager one day, where I
will be able to create impactful products for everyone. Besides technology, I have a deep interest in
Material Science too. There was a time in my university life, when I was chosen to participate in
SAKURA Science Program as Research Intern in JAIST, Japan.

If you know me well, you will say that I am a very extrovert person, I really love joining activities to
expand my network and gain new experience. That is the thing which motivates me to teach and share
what I have. Don’t worry about my teaching skill, since I have ever taught English to students who
want to pass SBMPTN during my university life. To better ensure you, I had taken IELTS certification
and I got overall band score of 7. So, what are you waiting for? 😉

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  • I just finished my sessions with Melvin, i really enjoyed working on my speaking with melvin, learning feels so effortless. I had a lot of fun we did talk about a lot of things, he is a really fun guy to talk with, i can assure u there is no regret taking session with him

    • WhatsApp Number: 081318182181

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