Educational Background: Architecture, Institute Technology Bandung

Hi, I’m Andin. English is my daily life, I speak and write in English throughout my studies and careers. Years ago, I also mentored and helped students pursuing their TOELF score and preparing their school-interviews, a couple of times. Right now, I am a New Zealand Scholarship Awardee, and I am excited to share my experience with others that willing to improve their English. I am aware that English proficiency is a must these days, for school or for pursuing careers. Often, many people are actually good at English. However, they usually haven’t get used to it or they are confident and comfortable with it. Therefore, I am here to be your learning partner. We’re gonna have fun talking and chatting about interesting things while learning English and gaining confidence along the process. Don’t worry too much about learning, when you’re having fun, your English skills will improve without you even aware that you’re trying. Because the best way to be better in English is practicing and make English parts of your life. So, together, let’s give it a shot!

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