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English is not mastered in just a day or two. Yes, it would take a lot of time to learn it. With me, you are going to learn English step by step in various lessons that are adapted according to your needs. For me it is crucial for you to feel comfortable in learning a new language. Thus, creating a comfortable learning space is fundamental so that you can flourish your skills of English. My first exposure of English started when I spent two years of my childhood in the US. Since, my life has been revolving around English, from my bachelor degree to my recent Master degree from the UK.  Along with this experience, I also like my classes to be a full-immersion experience not only with the language, but also with the understanding of the culture. Besides English, I have particular interest in using technology in education, science, animals, and photography. I hope to meet you soon!


“Conjunction junction what’s your function?
Hooking up words and phrases and clauses”

Di atas adalah potongan sebuah lagu yang catchy banget sehingga bikin mudah untuk ingat apasih sebenarnya fungsi conjunction itu. Tapi apa sih sebenarnya conjunction itu? Conjunction adalah kata yang digunakan sebagai penggabung untuk kata-kata, frasa, atau klausa. Salah satu conjunction yang banyak digunakan adalah Coordinating Conjunction. Jenis konjungasi ini biasanya ditemukan di antara kata-kata bukan pada awal maupun akhir kalimat.

Coba kita lihat kalimat-kalimat berikut ini:

1. Cats and dogs are my favourite animals.

Dalam contoh kalimat di atas, kata yang dimiringkan berfungsi sebagai coordinating conjunction yang menghubungkan dua kata bersama-sama (cats+dogs)

2. The food was stored in the fridge or in the cupboard.

Contoh di atas menunjukan bagaimana coordinating conjunction dapat menggabungkan dua frasa (atau lebih). Coordinating conjunction “or” dalam kalimat di atas menghubungkan “in the fridge” dan “in the cupboard”.

3. What my girlfriend says and what she actually wants are completely different.

Kalimat di atas adalah contoh bagaimana coordinating conjunction digunakan untuk menghubungkan dua buah klausa (“what my girlfriend says” dan “what she actually wants”).

Agar mudah mengingat kata-kata apa saja yang termasuk coordinating conjunction kamu bisa menggunakan jembatan keledai berikut FANBOYS yang merupakan singkatan dari


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