“As people getting more and more busy, learning online might be the best option. I personally think it makes the learning process more fun, relaxing, almost like you’re chatting with a friend” -Anna-

Hi, there! My name’s Anna and I’m here to help you learning English! Charles the Great once said, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” And for that reason, I thrive to assist people in not just learning, but also practicing and understanding English thoroughly, as it remains as one of the most important languages to learn tothis day. Although I graduated with a Japanese Literature degree, that does not make English less important for me. On the contrary, it improves my understanding to languages, including my own; Bahasa Indonesia. I have a TOEFL score of 577 and I work as a translator for a quite popular website. I spend my free time browsing, baking and creating art pieces. Things that interest me include movies, music, books, technology, and anything related to pop culture. I look forward to help you with any language issues you might have and work together as language buddies! Peace and love!

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