Graduated from Royal Academy of Dance London. Worked as a Flight Attendant in Singapore and traveled to 40 countries

Hello everyone, i’m Resti. I graduated from Royal Academy of Dance London under  Diploma in Ballet teaching, and also a Bachelor of English Literature. I used to a Ballet & English teacher since i was 16 years old, but for the past 5 years I worked as a Flight Attendant in Singapore and traveled to 40 countries in 5 continents pleasantly.

I couldn’t believe that learning English gave me a lot of opportunities in Job related
overseas, I was able to travel around the world and get paid by the company because of my ability in speaking English.

Learning English can boost up your confident level and make you ready to face the world!

You can get a better job offer, survive living overseas or being able to communicate with foreigner in this universal language. I believe that learning English should be fun, because it gives you many benefits either now or later in the future. Let’s start learning English with  me as we will learn in interactive way and sharing some experience together.


Idiom adalah kata atau frase ungkapan yang tidak bisa diartikan secara literal. Maknanya hanya dipahami oleh kelompok bahasa tertentu termasuk bahasa Inggris. Sebagai contoh Tulang Punggung, arti literalnya adalah tulang di bagian belakang tubuh manusia, sedangkan arti idiomatiknya adalah orang yang mencari nafkah untuk menghidupi keluarga.

Dalam bahasa inggris Idiom sering ditemukan untuk menyebutkan ungkapan-ungkapan, seperti: It’s raining cats and dogs. Arti dari idiom tersebut bukanlah Kucing dan Anjing, melainkan ungkapan untuk menggambarkan hujan yang sangat deras disertai angin deras.

Break a legBersemangat / Berjuang
Come cleanBerterus terang
Call it a dayBeristirahat sejenak
Fish StoryCerita Bohong
Take for grantedMenyianyiakan / merehmehkan
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  • She really love to teach. Therefore she’s very patient to explain if there’s something thet we don’t understand..

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