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Hello. My name is Nurani. You can call me Nura. I am a graduate of Yogyakarta State University majoring English Education. Back then when I was in college, I used to help my friends proofread their essays or papers. My lecturer also involved me in her research and assigned me to have some of her students’ undergraduate theses proofread.

In my spare time, I like watching movies. Sometimes, I pour my thoughts by writing short reviews about the movies I’ve watched. It helps me a lot to improve my English. I am also interested in pop culture like music, dramas and TV series. If you are interested too, we can definitely talk about them. For me, they are great resources to learn English.

I’ve been teaching English for almost four years. My students range from children to adults. I love learning and I love helping others to learn. Witnessing the “Aha! Moment” when my students grasp a concept is something that always brings me joy.

I understand that learning English is not easy especially for us, non-native speakers. But as long as you believe in yourself and put your best effort, English is not that hard. We can make it easy and fun. I’ll be glad to help you learn and conquer all the difficulties. I hope to see you in my class



Talking about Physical Characteristics (Berbicara tentang Ciri-Ciri atau Penampilan Fisik)

Mengetahui bagaimana caranya mendeskripsikan seseorang sangat berguna dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Mendengar atau membaca deskripsi tentang seseorang bisa memberikan kita gambaran yang lebih jelas tentang orang tersebut. Kita bisa menggambarkan orang dengan menjelaskan penampilan fisik maupun karakter mereka.

Jika kita ingin bertanya mengenai ciri-ciri fisik atau penampilan seseorang, kalimat yang bisa kita gunakan adalah “What does he look like?” Sebagai contoh, kita bisa menjawab pertanyaan tersebut dengan “He is handsome and quite tall.”

Berikut ini beberapa vocabulary atau kosakata untuk menggambarkan penampilan fisik manusia.

  1. General Appearance (Penampilan Umum)
· Attractive/charming: menarik

· Beautiful: cantik

· Cute: imut, mungil

· Dazzling: mempesona

· Good-looking: menarik, cantik, tampan

· Gorgeous: sangat cantik

· Handsome: ganteng/tampan

· Pretty: cantik

· Unattractive: tidak menarik

· Unkempt: kumal, tidak rapi

  1. Body (Badan)

Untuk menggambarkan badan, kita bisa membaginya menjadi dua karakteristik yaitu height (tinggi) dan build (perawakan)


  1. Height (Tinggi)
· Average height: tinggi sedang

· Lanky: tinggi dan kurus

· Petite: mungil (dipakai untuk mendeskripsikan perempuan)


· Short: pendek

· Tall: tinggi

  1. Build (Perawakan)
· Average build: perawakan sedang

· Curvy: berisi (untuk perempuan)

· Fat: gemuk

· Muscular: berotot

· Obese: obesitas

· Overweight: kelebihan berat badan

· Slim: langsing

· Skinny: sangat kurus

· Stocky: pendek gemuk

· Stout: gempal

· Thin: kurus

· Well-built: tegap



  1. Hair (Rambut)
· Bald: botak

· Bangs/ fringe: poni

· Blonde: pirang

· Braid: kepang

· Brunette: berambut coklat

· Crew-cut: rambut cepak

· Curly: keriting

· Dreadlocks: gimbal

· Long: panjang


· Permed hair: rambut dikeriting

· Pig tail: kuncir dua

· Pony tail: ikat ekor kuda

· Receding hair: rambut setengah botak

· Shoulder-length: sebahu

· Straight: lurus

· Straightened hair: rambut


· Wavy: bergelombang



  1. Face (Wajah)
  • Chubby face: wajah tembem
  • Oval face: wajah lonjong
  • Round face: wajah bulat
  • Thin face: wajah kurus


Karakteristik lain yang biasanya terdapat di wajah:

· Blackhead: komedo

· Beard: janggut

· Dimple: lesung pipi

· Freckles: bintik-bintik

· Mole: tahi lalat

· Moustache: kumis

· Pimple, acne: jerawat

· Sideburns: cambang

· Wrinkle: keriput


  1. Eyes (Mata)
· Big eyes: mata besar

· Cross-eyed: juling

· Doe-eyed: bermata besar, belo

· Hazel eyes: mata berwarna



· Round eyes: mata bulat

· Slanted eyes: mata sipit

· Small eyes: mata kecil


  1. Nose (Hidung)
· Aquiline nose: hidung bengkok atau hidung melengkung seperti paruh elang

· Big nose: hidung besar

· Board nose: hidung lebar


· Bulbous nose: hidung bulat

· Flat nose: hidung pesek

· Pointed nose: hidung mancung


  1. Skin Complexion (Warna Kulit)
· Dark: gelap

· Fair: terang

· Pale: pucat

· Tan: warna sawo matang


Untuk mendeskripsikan sesorang, pola kalimat yang bisa kita gunakan adalah:


Berikut ini merupakan contoh dialog tentang mendeskripsikan penampilan fisik seseorang:

James : Hey. I heard that we are going to have a new classmate.

Sophie : Yeah. She is actually my neighbor.

James : Really? What does she look like?

Sophie : You can easily recognize her. She is beautiful. She is quite tall with a slim figure and fair skin. She has beautiful hazel eyes. Her shiny black hair reaches down her waist and she has dimples on both cheeks when she smiles.

James : Wow! I can’t wait to meet her.

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