Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung as an Industrial Engineering Bachelor

Hi! My name is Melisa, currently I’m working as a cost control at a contractor company in Makassar. When I was in college, I taught English at a homeschool community and Bahasa to foreign students. I’ve been studying English since elementary school, mostly by reading books, watching movies, and listening to podcasts. I believe that these activities are the ones which help me scored 630 on TOEFL with only one night to prepare (I’m not being haughty here, trust me, you can achieve this score as well :)) Learning takes time, and I’ll accompany you through the journey!
I was graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung as an Industrial Engineering Bachelor, yet I have broad interest ranging from psychology, business, stocks, nutrition, physical fitness, to web development. I love learning new things, so in addition to learning English, you’ll have great conversation with me, filled with interesting stories and life-hacks 🙂

Preposition “on”, “at”, “in” digunakan untuk menunjukkan lokasi, waktu, atau sebuah obyek. Ketiga kata ini sama-sama bisa diartikan sebagai kata depan “di” atau “pada” pada Bahasa Indonesia. Inilah yang membuat kita sering bingung untuk memilih satu di antara mereka saat membuat kalimat. Coba perhatikan kalimat di bawah:

  • Aku biasanya lari di GBK.

Jika diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Inggris, mana yang tepat?

  • I usually run in GBK.
  • I usually run on GBK.
  • I usually run at GBK.

Ketiganya terlihat sama, namun masing-masing preposisi sebenarnya memiliki fungsi tertentu. Di bawah ini adalah contoh-contoh penggunaan preposisi di berbagai konteks.


Untuk menyatakan permukaan sesuatu:

  • She puts the report on her desk.
  • Let’s dance on the floor!

Untuk menyatakan hari dan tanggal

  • I was born on May, 2nd1993
  • The auditor will come on Friday.

Untuk menyatakan alat atau mesin, seperti telepon atau computer

  • Don’t be noisy, your dad is on the phone.
  • Crazy Rich Asian will be on TV tonight, I can’t wait for it.

Untuk menyatakan bagian tubuh:

  • Boy William has proposed her girlfriend. Have you seen how he put a ring on her finger? It was so sweet!
  • My mom kisses me on my cheek every time I leave for school.

Untuk menyatakan keadaan

  • This girl is on fire!
  • Did you check Zalora yesterday? Everything was on 40% sale!

Untuk menyatakan waktu yang spesifik:

  • I’ll call you back at 1 p.m.
  • The workshop started at 10 a.m.

Untuk menyatakan lokasi sehubungan dengan kedekatan (sesuatu ada di sekitar suatu tempat, tidak harus berada di dalam)

  • You know you’re all alone, your friends, they aren’t at home.
  • She stands at the crossroad, waiting for the traffic light turn red.

Untuk menyatakan alamat email:

Untuk menyatakan aktivitas

  • He laughed at my dancing.
  • I am good at playing violin.

Untuk menyatakan waktu yang tidak spesifik (harian, bulanan, musim, tahun)

  • My dad always drinks coffee in the morning
  • Tokyo is so lovely in the autumn!

Untuk menyatakan tempat (indikasi di dalam):

  • We keep this love in a photograph.
  • All students are in hall now.

Untuk mengindikasikan bentuk, warna, atau ukuran

  • My brother paints his house in gray to create industrialist style.
  • The parts come in four different sizes, what will you choose?
  • “Stand in circle,” said the coach to us before we started the game.

Untuk menyatakan kepercayaan, ketertarikan, atau perasaan

  • I’m so in love with Paris! The streets, the tall buildings, they’re all amazing!
  • Katy was interested in Liam from the first time she heard him singing.

Nah, jika dihadapkan lagi dengan ketiga kalimat ini,

  • I usually run in GBK.
  • I usually run on GBK.
  • I usually run at GBK.

kamu sudah bisa mengetahui mana yang benar kan? Kalau ingin tahu jawabannya, silakan menghubungi admin untuk mengatur jadwal denganku J





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