Hi Ms. Irma is here for you.

I am a professional English teacher who have started my career in teaching young or adult learners for almost 4 years. I am a fresh graduated from English Education, hence I do believe that I possess good skills of teaching for helping you. Teaching is not a matter of transforming knowledge, students’ motivation and various needs become my prior concern as well. I will motivate the students by sharing the experience of mine and how English gives a life-changing for me that open wider opportunities for me to learn and work internationally. I live the life like an empty glass especially for my education. Once I positioned myself as the “empty glass”, then, I will always need “water” to be poured as I do always want to enhance and upgrade my English ability. I will help my students to overcome the problem that they encounter when they learn English.Keep in your mind that in my class, it is okay to be slow but not to stop. Let’s learn and have fun together.

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  • Selama belajar dgn Ms. Irma
    Ms. Irma selalu sabar dlm mengajar, tidak telalu cepat saat kelas Voice call, menerangkan dgn detail sesuatu yg saya tanyakan. Materinya beragam, selalu tepat waktu saat mengajar.

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