Training of Trainers certificate from AFS Intercultural Program in Washington DC, USA

Hello future buddies!! My name is Gusti.

English has become a major part of my life since I was in the Elementary School. I learned English every day and every where. I was just in love with English and wanted to improve it. Until one day I challenged my self to improve it way faster and better by joining a student exchange program. I got my highest achievement: went abroad to United States as a student for a year, with full scholarship!

I still use English for daily life and to keep contact with my host family, friends and teacher in USA, and also friends from all over the world! I have experience in teaching English conversation privately and was being trained in a Training of Trainers in Washington DC, USA.

I love traveling, volunteering, DIY-ing, dancing…anything that makes me feel alive! Teaching English also make me feel alive. I know how to make learning English in to a fun and flexible way. If you want to improve your English, especially in conversation, you are in the right track with me. So, let the fun learning begins!



Comparative adjective digunakan untuk membandingkan perbedaan antara dua objek. Biasanya digunakan  di dalam kalimat dimana dua kata benda sedang diperbandingkan tingkatnya.

Noun (Subject) + verb + comparative adjective +than + noun (object)

Contoh Kalimat:

  • My laptop is smaller than Dad’s laptop.
  • I run faster than you.
  • The tree is higher than the roof.
  • The dress in Shop X is cheaper than in Shop Z.

Contoh-contoh comparative adjectives:

  • Bentuk beraturan dengan satu suku kata : yaitu dengan menambah er pada adjective (kata sifat)
Big Bigger
Thin Thinner
Old Older
Young Younger
Short Shorter
Tall Taller
Large Larger
Dark Darker
Bright Brighter
Slow Slower
Thick Thicker
Sad Sadder


  • Dua suku kata: yaitu dengan menambah er atau menambah more pada adjective
Happy Happier
Busy Busier
Pretty Prettier
Funny Funnier
Lazy Lazier
Simple Simpler
Tilted More tilted
Tangled More tangled
Confused More confused


  • Tiga suku kata atau lebih: menambahkan more pada adjective
Expensive More expensive
Beautiful More beautiful
Important More important


  • Bentuk tidak beraturan
Good Better
Bad Worse
Little Less
Much More
Far Further
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2 thoughts on “Gusti

  • Hai saya Tri
    Saya mengambil kelas pertamax, Ms Gusti orangnya baik banget, sangat menyenangkan, sabar dan enjoy.
    Kalau ada kata-kata yang salah langsung diperbaiki.

    Cara menjelaskan berbagai macam materi sangat mudah dipahami.
    Dan paling penting materi di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan yang sedang kita hadapi.
    Sangat kelihatan menguasai materinya.

    Saya juga bisa menyesuaikan jadwalnya dengan kegiatan saya.
    Jadi kita bisa belajar bahasa Inggris tanpa harus menggangu kegiatan kita yang lain

    Tentu saya akan lanjut ke sesi berikutnya.
    Terima Kasih Ms Gusti & BEC

    • Hello, Good Morning Gusti,

      Very nice to be your student in british english class. You are a good teacher.
      You have guided me to use english language in the right way,
      you offer good method to learn english.
      I can easily understand and remember my grammar mistake.

      You were patient to teach and correct me for my mistake. Make me want to learn english more.

      Thank you for your kindly teaching and success for you

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