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Hi! My name’s Kelly, I’d like it if you called me without any prefix. It made me feel old. I’m a recent graduate from Monash University Malaysia, majoring in Commerce Accounting. I like reading, writing and playing games, most of which is in English. I graduated at the age of 18 and is currently working in a multinational company, so English is something I honed throughout my everyday life for years.

I’ve been studying at Malaysia for 2 years and had been traveling all over the world before that except for America, and I’m planning to visit it in the future. I’ve helped my friends and acquaintances on proofreading and translating. I can also help with your CVs, academic essays or reports, interviews, etc. Been there done that, as they say.

Learning English can be very hard, trust me I know, my hobbies at the time were my driving force to study English. It was mostly self-taught, helped by the internet as there was little time to ask at school. In the end, the hard-work I put in the beginning to study English had opened up opportunities that I had never thought I could achieve before. I hope I’d be able to help you in your effort to study English and hopefully it can change your life too! ^^

Making an Academic Report

Writing an essay in high school is vastly different compared to making a report in college and university. I was so flustered the first time I got the result of my paper in college. Only with practice did I understand how to make my paper flow smoothly, so I’d like to share a few tips and tricks

Unlike Essays, Reports are written in sections with titles and sub-titles which are usually numbered. A complete report structure have so many sections, but the most important ones would be Introduction, Main Body, Conclusions and References.

In Introduction, I usually put the definition of the theory you’re writing about or the basic theory before the specific theory of what you wanted to discuss. This is to give a little background of what you’re discussing.

For example: If you want to talk about Bali. You can start with describing Bali right away or start by giving a little information about Indonesia and only then, link it to Bali which is inside Indonesia.

After putting a little background, it’s essential to put the purpose of the paper. This links the definition to what you wanted to discuss in the main body and even give you the structure of the overall report. Writing the purpose of the report would also indicate what the conclusion would entails at the end.

Main Body
This would be the substance from your report. Unlike writing an essay, you can use titles and sub-titles, even bullet points, to indicate the different sections. This makes it easier for reader.

You shouldn’t only describe the situation or defining the theories. Your teacher is looking for the analysis and arguments, depending on the purpose of the report, which is why the introduction would make writing the main body easier.

Use charts, tables and pictures, when appropriate, to back up the main findings or your arguments. Though if it’s too complicated it would be better to put it in the appendix.

Do not include opinions, recommendations or conclusions in this part. No opinions which means that every findings and arguments should be backed up by some sort of references.

*It would be easier to cite every findings and arguments in this part and copy paste the source at the end of the paragraph or at the Reference section.*

This part should include the end result of what you’ve found or what you’ve been arguing at the Main Body section.

There shouldn’t be any new findings in this part. No last minute additional argument(s) should be put in here.

Sometimes recommendation could be out in here, it depends on your tutor.


There are many citation styles, it’s important to know which would your school prefers so you won’t mix them all up.

Usually wikipedia or blogs cannot be used as a reference. (Nobody said you can’t use the source of wikipedia though. It’s at the bottom.)

Executive Summary

Occasionally your tutor would ask to include this section. This should be before the Introduction and have a page of its own without any other section.

This is a brief summary and outline of your whole report. A general idea of what your whole report is about, usually include:

– overall aims and objectives

– key findings

– the conclusions and recommendations

This section should be a minimum of half a page to a maximum of one page.

General Tips to Making a Report:

  • Just to be safe no using ‘I’, ‘We’ or ‘You’. This includes the possessive pronouns. Writing the report impersonally made the report looks more professional. You can  use ‘the author’ or instead, use passive sentences.
  • Use clear and concise English and focus more on the analysis, arguments or the application to case study.
  • Don’t use too much bullet points, put a minimum of 5-6 sentences for each paragraph or else the report wouldn’t understandable and informative like it should be to the readers.
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