An undergraduate at Boston University studying Film & TV Production

Hello, everyone! I’m Audria, an undergraduate at Boston University studying Film & TV Production. My friends know me as a pop culture aficionado and a night owl. My strength in English lies in speaking and listening as I use English on a daily basis in Boston.

Believe it or not, I used to hate learning English. At elementary school, I would struggle with simple grammar and spelling. Then, it all changed when I fell in love with Harry Potter and would watch the movies over and over again. However, with my limited English, I found it really hard to understand what the characters were saying. I encouraged myself to become more fluent in English and to expand my vocabulary so I could fully grasp the movies without using subtitles. Which is why I believe that learning English is easier by doing something that you love. Find material in areas of your interest! What’s your favorite song? Let me know so we can analyze the grammar and learn more words from the lyrics. Do you like watching movies? What TV shows do you watch regularly? You can polish your writing and speaking skill with me by talking about them.

Learning English doesn’t have to be tedious! I’d be delighted to use pop culture references and to share my experience of living abroad to help you improve your English, especially if you want to fluently speak it for your daily conversation.


Conditional Sentences

Conditional sentences adalah kalimat yang digunakan untuk mengekspresikan general truths dan pengandaian. Pada umumnya, ada 3 tipe conditional sentences yang sering diajarkan. Namun, sebenarnya conditional sentences terdiri dari 4 tipe berbeda:

Type Kondisi Rumus
Zero Conditional General truths, situasi di mana satu hal akan selalu mengakibatkan hal lain untuk terjadi. If + simple present, simple present
First Conditional Situasi yang mungkin terjadi di masa depan If + simple present, will + infinitive
Second Conditional Situasi yang tidak mungkin atau sulit terjadi If + simple past, would/ could/ might + infinitive
Third Conditional Situasi yang seharusnya terjadi tapi tidak terjadi karena sudah terlambat If + past perfect, would/ could/ might/ should + have + past participle

Contoh penggunaan Conditional Sentences:

Type Contoh
0 ·         If the water reaches 100°C, it boils.

·         A paper turns to ashes if we burn it.

I ·         If I go to Jakarta, I will visit you.

·         The teacher will scold me if I forget to turn this assignment.

II ·         If I inherited a billion dollars, I would travel to the moon.

·         I would watch movies everyday if I owned a cinema.

III ·         If you had told me you needed a ride, I would have left earlier.

·         She should have told me if she had not finished the food.


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