Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel and I’m a homeroom teacher at National-plus school in Jakarta. I’ve been in many roles in my teaching career, including subject teacher, extracurricular teacher and the last is homeroom teacher. I’m teaching some subjects, such as English, Math and Science. I’d just got my master degree in Educational Management last year. Then, I’ve been teaching English to young learner since 2013. Furthermore, I was also an English teacher of adult learner in university. When I did a research for my undergraduate thesis, I was asked to become an English teacher at faculty of Nursing and Banking department during 2 years in Christian University of Indonesia. And I got a valuable experience because I found something new related to teaching and learning English.

I have some researches and read a lot about the difficulties of teaching English. I found that learning English would probably be a nightmare for some students. Therefore, I did some researches in order to solve students’ problem on learning English. One of the best weapons that I frequently conduct in my class is applying technology. No offenses, in fact some teachers still teach students using an old school strategy and that definitely causes English subject is known as a boring class.

Therefore, I’m here to offer you some methods which may enhance your skills and avoid boredom as well. As matter of fact, we can collaborate, share, help and play in learning activities.

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