English Language Education Study Program of Sanata Dharma University

Hi there! Welcome to BEC! J Let me introduce myself. My name is Angga. I studied in English Language Education Study Program (Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris/PBI) of Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta. I graduated in February and I was the fastest graduate in my batch. I also became the best graduate from my study program when I had my graduation. Now, I become an English teacher in an elementary school in Solo.

In my opinion, learning English is very fun! ^^ I really like to learning English, especially grammar. Many people may think that learning English grammar may be difficult, but I think it is easy if you are serious to learn and if you can find a suitable way for you to learn. You can learn from many interesting sources, such as videos, songs, games, stories, etc. If you want to learn English in a fun way, I would be very glad to share my knowledge for you. ^^

When we have a class, I don’t want to consider myself as a teacher, but I like to consider myself as your friend. As a friend, it will be very fun to learn English together. There will be no impression that I am more superior than you because you are my student. Therefore, I prefer to be called as your friend/partner in learning. I had an experience as an English grammar tutor in my study program for four months. I had a task to share my knowledge about English grammar to my juniors and I considered them as my friends. They said that they were very happy to learn together with me. So… let’s learn English together in BEC. I hope that you can improve your English by learning together with me. See you soon! ^^

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