Hello, this is Monika ; I am a recent fresh graduate from Master in Transportation System and Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Since I was in Elementary School, I have been keen on learning English, up until now, because to me, learning English is fun and there are always something exciting to explore; also, with English, more knowledge and experience from broader resources, can be more easily obtained. I was also lucky to be given an experience to be an exchange student at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, I did learn a lot of things, not to mention adapting to international environment, and teaching language as my part-time job. I scored 7.5 on IELTS on my first try, and I prepared myself auto didactically (sure, I’m going to share you some tips and trick).

My experiences taught me that learning language is the best by doing a man-to-man direct practice, like listening, and reading-writing with a partner whom you can have fun and are not afraid to make mistake with. I also believe that I would never lost my knowledge by teaching and sharing it to others; instead, I’m getting new insights by teaching, and sharing what I’ve got to you, guys, my future-student. Plus, to me, sharing means caring, and I do care about our country (you, too, right?), and I think teaching English in one of the ways I can contribute for a better Indonesia, as English is one of the gateway to the world.

Meeting new friends, and knowing new culture are things that describe myself, because I believe we can always gain experience and learn something inspiring from everybody, don’t you think? I learned (and still am learning) English the fun ways, so no need to worry about studying English with me, I will try my best to make it fun for you, adjust the material to your goals, and be your fun English-learning partner, as well. So, see you in class 🙂

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  • Ms. Monika. The only thing comes to mind to describe her is she is an erudite teacher. She can explain knotty problems with easy to understand sentences. I’m very lucky to be taught with her. Cheers Ms. Monika.

    • Ms. yang satu ini memang the best.. I feel so lucky bisa belajar dengan Ms. Monika. Suka ama cara ngajarnya yang santai tapi bisa nempel di kepala.. Haha 😀 Yang pasti mau lanjut lagi belajar ama Ms. Monik.

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