“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle

To be an educator has always been my passion and dream to walk on my journey in life. Yes, educator, not a teacher. I like to educate my students and not just teach them to get my checklists of work done. I like to educate them through their mind, heart, and soul. At the same time, I love to educate them WITH my mind, heart, and soul as well.

Before I go further, let me introduce myself.  People call me Tania, so let’s get started from there. I was born in 1992 and by the time I reached 22, I found out that my true calling is to be an educator, especially in the early childhood. I have been teaching five years and ongoing now, and still it feels like a brand new thing for me since the education field has endless of opportunity and options to achieve. Especially when it comes to children; you won’t have enough time to share the world with them. I am currently pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Education and at the same time taking my diploma on Montessori Education. I have a CEFR C1 Advanced Level from the British Council English Test.

I hate to study but I love to learn. I think that’s the mantra that I have been giving to my students as well. And it worked well so far! I am told that I am a very good listener and calm as a water. Well, I guess I learned that with the process of teaching my little kids. They are indeed my greatest inspirations to a better me. There are lots of things – fun things – to be discovered here and I assure you that the fun always begin when your heart is 100% in it.

Well, that is probably a brief description about me. Why don’t we start the fun and go from there? Cheers!

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  • Mrs Tania, sangat baik dan sabar ketika megajar. Selain itu beliaupun sangat pintar, pelafalannya juga sangat bagus ketika berbicara. Suaranya yang lembut terkadang membuat saya sulit memahami apa yang diucapkan.

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