Master from Leeds of Metropolitan University in Leeds, UK

Hello My Future Student,

I am a Business Administration Master from Leeds of Metropolitan University in Leeds, UK.  Most of my work experience is working with international company and interacting with multicultural people using English as day-to-day language in conversation.  Beside my formal jobs, I have been teaching English since I was in the university.  My students were various ages from elementary students to working employees.  I love teaching, it is one of my passions, beside singing and cooking.  I would be grateful to assist you to improve your English in a fun and comfortable  way to the level you feel you need to achieve.

I hope to see you in the online class!



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5 thoughts on “Amelia

  • Miss Amelia sangat bagus dan penyabar buat anak2.
    Anak saya jadi lebih berani sekarang dalam bahasa inggris

    • WhatsApp Number: 082278681283
  • Miss Amelia is a fun Teacher, she is also caring and funny. She taught patiently while i perplexed of learning English, She has a good skill to teaching and has a good material so i can understand it more easier. she make me more confident than before, i was not confident to talk to the teacher after i left my old English lessons. i have so many problem at grammar and she help me, She help me while i have a test. Thank you Miss Amelia

    • WhatsApp Number: 087878910970
  • Ms Amelia has good skills and materials when teaching me. It’s really helps me to understand more easily.

    • WhatsApp Number: 08111801853
  • Hallo salam kenal saya dengan Eliya , mami dari Jessica kosasih .semenjak anak saya belajar di Britishenglishclass ini , anak saya banyak sekali kemajuan dalam berbicara bahasa inggris nya . Dia merasa sangat senang dan nyaman belajar dengan ms Amel yg sangat teliti dan sangat mudah di mengerti dalam mengajarkan nya . Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada ms Amel . Semoga tuhan memberkati.

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