August 22, 2019

TOEFL Prediction (by Dwi)

TOEFL Prediction (by Ms. Dwi)
1. Scientists believe the first inhabitants of the Americas arrived after _____ the land bridge that connected Siberia. *
2.____ many food preservation methods for inhibiting the growth of bacteria. *
3.___ of New York’s Erie Canal greatly enhanced trade in the upstate region. *
4. Telephone cables that use optical fibers can be ____ conventional cables. *
5.We have to drive around the bay _____ the bridge was destroyed in the storm. *
6. Simple photographic lenses cannot _____ sharp, undistorted image over a wide field. *
7.Connecticut was the fifth of the 13 states ____ the Constitution of the United States. *
8. Before Johnson & Smith reached the highest position in the business world, ______ encountered many great difficulties in promoting their methods. *
9. Martha Graham developed an ------- that was integral to the foundations of modern dance. *
10. Agronomists work to improve the quality of crops, increase the yield of fields, and ___ of the soil *
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