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Hi, my name is Mia. I am an extroverted person and talk-active in real life. I just got my master’s degree in English for Education at State University of Jakarta with the linear bachelor’s degree in the same area.

Teaching is my passion since the first time I taught my first class in 2011. Analyzing the students’ needs and choosing the right materials are the best feelings in teaching a new student or class. I taught various levels; English for kids, teens, adults, and conversation classes.

Past Perfect Tense

Past perfect tense menjelaskan kegiatan yang sudah sepenuhnya berakhir sebelum waktu atau kegiatan lain di waktu lampau. Dengan kata lain Past perfect tense digunakan untuk menjelaskan kegiatan satu yang sudah selesai sebelum kegiatan lain di waktu yang sudah berlalu. Contohnya;

Timmy had left when I arrived home.

Timmy had left dapat dikategorikan menjadi kegiatan pertama dan I arrived home menjadi kegiatan kedua.

Lily had slept when I went to bed.

kegiatan 1: Lily had slept

kegiatan 2: I went to bed.

Berikut beberapa contoh penggunaan Past Perfect Tense;

  1. Sam had already left by the time Ann got there.
  2. Peter had already left before Ann got there.
  3. After the guest had left, I went to bed.
  4. After the guest left, I went to bed.
  5. The train had just left when I arrived at the station.


  • Penggunaan kata before atau after pada kalimat Past Perfect tidak terlalu dibutuhkan karena hubungan waktu sudah jelas.
  • Simple past tense juga dapat digunakan seperti pada kalimat nomor 4.
  • Kalimat nomor 3 dan 4 memiliki arti yang sama.

Bentuk Kalimat Past Perfect

Subjek             Had                             Past Participle

Affirmative                 She                  had                              given

Negative                      He                   had not                       asked

Interrogative               Had                 they                           arrived?

Interrogative               Hadn’t             you                              finished?

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