Pursuing Master Degree In Linguistics Department In Universitas Indonesia

Hello! My name is  Amalia, but you can call me Lia for short. I’m currently pursuing my master degree in linguistics department in Universitas Indonesia. I got my bachelor degree in English department with satisfying title, even rewarded as honors student. My TOEFL score is 610. I’ve experienced translating and guiding foreigners for a while in Museum Nasional, thus translating, editing, proofreading, and other journalistic thingy appeal to me. That is why, besides studying, I’m currently working as news writer of video games in one of online platforms too.

…that’s right, video games! Just like every normal people ever, I like playing games. In addition, I’m also interested in comics, Japanese manga and anime, and other entertainments. Those entertainment media have taught me everything including English, and so I believe that learning can be done in a fun way! Let’s learn English with me in fun and comfortable mood, like best friend who play games together! 😀

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  • setelah satu bulan mendapat materi english practice dari miss lia, kesannya bagus, baik dan terutama sabar menghadapi saya yang sering ngilang dari chat beberapa saat. Semoga semakin sukses buat miss lia dan teman2 di british english class, terima kasih.

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