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Hi, I am Jessy. I spent my university life in Malaysia for 4 (four) years and currently working as an engineer. During uni time, I enjoyed meeting and talking to new people. I chose to share my knowledge in English as I believe in people. I believe that there is nothing impossible to learn as long as we have the determination and confidence. English is not difficult. Instead, we could use all the fun ways to learn English. We can talk about new movies, new songs or even learning through sharing our daily stories.

My score in IELTS was 6.5 (overall score 6.5, reading 8.0 almost 5 years ago, oops!) and since then I keep molding my English skills by using it as often as I could. I used to represent my school and university in English Debate Championship in Malaysia. Hence now, I am confident with English and would be glad to share it with you!

Topic : Regular and Irregular Verbs

Kata kerja dalam Bahasa Inggris terdiri dari Regular Verbs (kata kerja beraturan) dan Irregular Verbs (kata kerja tidak beraturan).

Regular Verbs, sesuai namanya adalah kata kerja yang cukup menambahkan – ed pada kata dasar untuk kata kerja masa lampau (Verb 2 dan Verb 3).

Contohnya sebagai berikut,

  • Talk – talked – talked
  • Miss – missed – missed
  • Paint – painted – painted

Irregular Verbs memiliki bentuk kata kerja dasar dan kata kerja masa lampau yang berbeda.

Ada 3 (tiga) jenis irregular verbs.

  1. Kata kerja yang ketiga bentuk kata kerja sama

Contoh: hit – hit – hit

  1. Kata kerja yang dua dari tiga bentuk kata kerja sama

Contoh: Sleep – slept – slept

  1. Kata kerja yang ketiga kata kerja berbeda semua

Contoh: Sing – sang – sung

Ada beberapa kata kerja yang termasuk dalam kedua kategori regular dan irregular verbs.


Learn – learned – learned (regular, British dan American English)

Learn – learnt – learnt (irregular, British)


Spoil – spoiled – spoiled (regular)

Spoil – spoilt – spoilt (irregular)




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