Hi, my name is Deti, as a writer I go by the name of Deti Lucara as my pen-name, but you can just call me Deti.

I am a freelance content writer, translator and travel consultant for European market. Previously, for 5 years I worked as a bilingual (Ind-Eng) writer for culinary and tourism magazine in Yogyakarta. My experiences should tell you one thing: I love travelling, having culinary adventure and meeting new people. I believe that every journey, every encounter, every bite of local delicacy has a story to tell. Thanks to English, I am able to share stories and experiences with people from all over the globe.

English is truly a door of opportunity that will take you to see and explore the beauty of the world. I cannot wait to cross my path with you and together we would have a wonderful journey exploring English in every aspect of our lives!

Past Prefect Continuous

Past Prefect Continuous Tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan sebuah peristiwa yang terjadi pada suatu waktu di masa lalu, dan terus berlangsung hingga periode tertentu di masa lalu. Atau untuk menjelaskan sebuah proses yang terjadi dalam kurun waktu tertentu di masa lalu, sebelum ada hal lain yang terjadi dan menghentikan proses itu.

Rumusnya: Subject + had been + V1 + ing


  1. She had been reading the same book five times

–> Dia telah membaca buku yang sama hingga lima kali pada suatu waktu di masa lalu, hingga akhirnya ada peristiwa lain terjadi yang membuatnya berhenti membaca. Misalnya dia berhenti membaca karena akhirnya dia menyerah tidak bisa memahami isi buku itu.

Jadi kalimat lengkapnya:

She had been reading the same book five times, then she gave up.

  1. He had been trying to cook all afternoon

–> Dia telah berusaha memasak sepanjang siang, sebelum akhirnya dia berhenti memasak karena sesuatu hal. Misalnya dia memutuskan untuk membeli makanan di luar sehingga aktivitas memasaknya berhenti.

Jadi kalimat lengkapnya:

He had been trying to cook all afternoon, until he decided to buy food instead.

  1. I had been studying English

–> Saya sedang belajar Inggris di suatu waktu di masa lalu, hingga ada peristiwa lain yang membuat saya berhenti belajar. Misalnya saya ketiduran, sehingga proses belajar itu terhenti.

Kalimat lengkapnya:

I had been studying English until I fell asleep.

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