‘Don’t be afraid to try and try again’, It has always become my motivation. I have managed to successfully score 7 in two IELTS exams. Learning English has always been a battle since I have a hard time memorizing things. I learned that if I make it fun, then I can memorise it faster. I used song lyrics, cooking recipes, podcasts, YouTube videos, exchanged postcard or email with my foreign friends. Through speaking English, I also expanded my network and I have friends from Singapore, the UK, and the US.

After my bachelor graduation, I decided to apply for university abroad. I had to make cover letter, motivation letter, and study proposal for my application. It was varying, depending on the university itself. From there I used my writing skills again, made mistake and improved it. I was finally accepted and was given the opportunity to have an interview with the professor. Now, it was the speaking skill. And believe me, it took load of courage to be able to talk and answered all of the interviewer’s questions. In the end, all the hard work paid off and I got accepted.

All these experiences have enhanced my all-round skill in English through a way that I haven’t thought about before. That’s why it is important to not be afraid to try and try again, dedicate your time to elevate yourself, especially by learning English.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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  • Peter works _______ (slow).       (Answer : Peter works slowly)   Adjectives/Adverbs
  • Fill in the article a, an or the where necessary. Choose x where no article is used.      I like ______ blue skirt over there better than _______ yellow one.                                        (Answer : I like the blue skirt over there better than the yellow one)
  • Use the correct phrases.  My aunt would stay longer in Los Angeles if __________.
  1. if she had had more time
  2. if she had more time
  3. if she has more time                                                                                  (Answer : My aunt would stay longer in Los Angeles if she had more time)
  • Change this sentence into Passive Voice. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone   (Answer : The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell)
  • Write the correct question. What can i for you? (Answer : What can i do for you?)
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