Graduated From English Education, Sanatha Dharma University

Hello, I am Wiwik, 24 years old. Here is the story how I am truly deeply in love with English

Believe it or not, when I was 10 years old, I got 2 in English and it was not because the correct answer but the teacher had a pity on me. Since then, I really hate English until I met a teacher who could help me understand it. Right now, I want to be like that teacher so I took English Education as my major in Sanata Dharma University. Guess what, it was not enough to help me feel confident to speak English. Thus, I challenged myself by working as a freelance Tour Guide that forces me to use English every day because the guests are foreigners. I also used to work as an online English teacher for Spanish kids through Skype. It was crazy because we had no choice to use another language but English. However, it worked well. The kids were able to follow the class and they got used to it. Since then, I realize that learning English can be fun and the key of learning the language is getting used to it first.

From my experience, I really want to be a person who can help you learn English in a fun way but still meaningful. Just be like those Spanish kids who are not afraid to try and make mistakes because it’s normal. Let’s learn and have fun with English. Don’t hesitate to contact me. See you soon.



Gerund Sebagai Subjek

Gerund adalah kata benda yang dibentuk dari kata kerja –ing. Gerund dapat muncul sebagai subjek maupun objek. Saat ini, kita akan mempelajari Gerund sebagai subjek. Bentuk Gerund memiliki kesamaan dengan kata kerja –ing (present participle) tetapi yang membedakan Gerund dengan kata kerja –ing (present participle) adalah Gerund berfungsi sebagai kata benda sedangkan present participle berfungsi sebagai kata kerja. Berikut dua kalimat sebagai contoh penggunaan Gerund dan present participle:

Contoh 1: We are learning English.

Contoh 2: Learning English is fun.

Dua kalimat di atas sama-sama menggunakan learning. Namun, kata tersebut memiliki makna dan fungsi yang berbeda. Di kalimat pertama, learning berfungsi sebagai kata kerja (verb) untuk kalimat dalam bentuk present continuous tense yang bermakna kegiatan belajar Bahasa Inggris sedang berlangsung. Dalam kalimat kedua, learning berfungsi sebagai kata benda yang juga adalah subjek yang dapat diartikan: “belajar bahasa Inggris itu menyenangkan”

Beberapa contoh penggunaan Gerund sebagai subjek:

  1. Collecting stamps is my hobby.
  2. Calculating numbers can be so easy with this device.
  3. Going shopping is not my thing.
  4. Talking too much makes me thirsty.
  5. Does cycling sound like fun to you?
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