Master Degree In English Education From Ganesha University of Education

Hello, My name is Heni Oktarina. I love teaching so much, especially in English. I have been teaching since I was in 4th semester of my bachelor degree. In this stage, I started to teach private English course for elementary, junior high and senior high students then I continued my master degree of English Education Department of Postgraduate Program, Ganesha University of Education. I have recently completed my work as English lecturer, trainer and also teacher in vocational school. My qualifications were on Teaching English skills, for example: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Teaching English for Young Learners (TEYL), and Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Beside that, I also learn every single part of English, it made me upgrade my English learning teaching process and of course my capability. The important thing to learn English is practice makes perfect. We should practice, practice and practice our English skill to make it perfect. And don’t forget: English is fun . So, let’s learn English together with me guys. Thank you.

Penggunaan Let, Lets dan Let’s

  1. LET

Let merupakan kata kerja (verb) dan dalam bahasa Indonesia berarti ijinkan atau biarkan. Kata let digunakan sebagai sebuah persetujuan dalam bahasa inggris untuk melakukan sesuatu. Untuk membentuk pola kalimat dengan menggunankan kata let, setelah kata kerja let kita tempatkan object pronoun atau noun dan setelah itu diikuti verb 1

Contoh kalimat:

  • Let me introduce myself to you
  • Let me open the window
  • Let me have dinner with you
  1. LETS

Lets juga merupakan sebuah kata kerja (verb) dan memiliki arti yang sama dengan let yaitu mengijinkan atau membiarkan. Jadi, kata ini digunakan untuk memberikan ijin melakukan suatu hal atau kegiatan. Bedanya, kata lets dipakai oleh subyek tunggal baik berupa noun maupun pronoun seperti she, he, Thomas, atau it dan setelah kata lets biasanya diikuti oleh direct object atau bare infinitive.

Contoh kalimat:

  • She lets me to go home
  • My mom lets me to watch the music concert
  • He lets the dog to eat his food


  1. LET’S

Let’s merupakan abbreviation (singkatan) dari kata let us yang memiliki arti mari/ayo kita dan merupakan sebuah ajakan atau bisa juga digunakan untuk memberi saran. Setelah kata let’s diikuti dengan kata kerja bentuk pertama (verb 1)

Contoh kalimat:

  • Let’s go to Kuta beach tomorrow morning
  • Let’s teach the children
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  • Ms. Heni is a good, smart and pleasant teacher. I am happy to be able to study with her

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    • Thank you for your kindly review Mr.Abrar
      Keep fighting to improve your English skill

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  • Hi miss heni,, thank you for trial class,, i’m enjoy to learn english with you,, i hope for the next class you can teach me patiently.

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    • Hello, Ayu
      Thanks a lot for your review
      Yap, don’t be afraid dear, we learn English step by step. Just keep fighting

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    • Thanks a lot for your review Mr. Abrar
      Let’s learn English together in the next class

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    • Thanks a lot for your review April
      Let’s learn English in the next class
      Keep fighting, dear

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